Raiffeisen Prestige
Fund Information
Fund objective

The Fund’s objective is to maximize the return on investment, aiming at the same time to preserve the investor’s capital and ensure the necessary liquidity.

Investment policy

The Fund’s assets are mainly invested in debt securities issued or guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Albania in Lek currency. The fund invests in the following financial instruments:

  • up to 100% of its assets in government debt securities, issued or guaranteed by the Government of the Republic of Albania.
  • up to 5% in investment funds with a focus on debt securities.
  • up to 50% in cash equivalents, Reverse REPO transactions and bank deposits with a maturity of up to 12 months.
  • up to 5% of assets also in debt instruments issued by local government bodies and local commercial companies, traded on regulated markets or stock exchanges in the Republic of Albania.
Risk and Reward Profile

Based on the historical data of the fund’s returns over the last 5 years, the estimated risk profile of the fund belongs to category 2 of the synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI=2).

Low Risk
Lower potential return

High Risk
Higher potential return




The synthetic risk and reward indicator corresponds to an integer, used to rank the Fund’s risk profile on a scale of 1 to 7, based on increasing level of volatility. The indicated risk category is not guaranteed and may change over time.

Other characteristics
Currency LEK
Minimum recommended investment horizon        1 year
Minimum investment amount 5,000 Lekë
Minimum amount in case of investment plans 1,000 Lekë
Management fee Up to 1.15% p.a.
Entry fee 0.00%
Exit fee 0.00%
Total ongoing fees (includes other fees charged to the fund in accordance with its prospectus) Max 1.4% p.a.



Why invest in Raiffeisen Prestige Fund?

  • Possibility to generate regular income and moderate capital growth in the short to medium term.
  • Flexibility:
    • you can increase the invested amount at any time
    • you can choose to invest through an investment plan: automatic, periodic payments and in small amounts
    • you can ask to redeem your units at any time: Raiffeisen Invest repays you within 7 days from the date of the withdrawal request from the Fund.
  • Professional management of your assets done by Raiffeisen Invest’s qualified staff.
  • Transparency: Access to your online account and investment monitoring at any time.
  • Raiffeisen Invest sh. a – part of the Raiffeisen group.