Pension Fund
Fund Information
Fund objective

The Fund’s objective is long-term security and satisfactory return from investment, by maintaining an optimal relationship between savings growth for pension and the risk assumed.

The voluntary pension should be thought of as an extra pension, to be received alongside the public pension whose main objective is to secure a stable flow of income to maintain standard of living after retirement.

Investment policy

The Fund invests mainly in debt instruments issued and guaranteed from the Albanian government and local authorities. The investment portfolio includes fixed income securities with a generally long-term maturity, which are issued and traded in regulated markets of the Republic of Albania.

Risk and Reward Profile

Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund belongs to the first category of the Risk and Reward Profile.

Low Risk
Lower potential return

High Risk
Higher potential return



The risk and reward indicator corresponds to an integer, used to rank the Fund’s risk profile on a scale of 1 to 7, based on increasing level of volatility. This indicator aims to offer the investor an overview of the fluctuations on fund unit price based on the 5-year history of the fund’s performance. The lowest category does not mean that investing in the fund is risk-free.

Other characteristics
Currency LEK
Minimum investment amount 1,000 Lekë
Management fee 1.5% p.a.
Minimum recommended investment horizon As long-term as possible, preferrably until pension age.
Withdrawal of assets Up to 5 years before reaching retirement age or in cases of permanent incapacity for work.
Premature withdrawal Penalties are applied according to the legislation in force
Fiscal benefits The maximum limit according to the legislation in force
Transfer fee 0.5% of the transferred amount