21 March 2018


Dear investors,

We would like to inform you that Raiffeisen Invest sh.a. has launched its new website, in order to keep up with the newest technological developments, to offer high-quality service and to represent the company in the most dignified way. The new website comes to you with a new pleasant and modern design. It adds to and is in line with the company’s policy of transparency towards clients by providing them with the relevant information in a timely and practical manner. In addition, this update will ensure that in the upcoming phases we manage to increase access to and widen the array of digital services offered by Raiffeisen Invest sh.a.

In order to guarantee an easy and efficient transfer towards the new digital services, the process is divided into several phases. In the current phase, the update has only affected the way the information is organized and presented to clients. The functionalities and services offered by the access module for client data remain unchanged. In order to benefit fully from the new elements, we recommend our investors to access our website through the Google Chrome web browser.

Should you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by referring to the contact information available on our website.


Thank you