Monthly Newsletters May 2021


Please be informed that Raiffeisen Invest has published on its official website the Monthly Newsletters of May 2021 which contain information on the performance of the investment funds Raiffeisen Prestige, Raiffeisen Vizion, Raiffeisen Invest Euro Fund, Raiffeisen Miks Fund and Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund. In this monthly report is given a detailed information about the developments in the financial markets, affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19 and their impact on our funds.

You can access the respective full reports on the following links:

Newsletter May 2021 – Raiffeisen Prestige

Newsletter May 2021 – Raiffeisen Vizion

Newsletter May 2021 – Raiffeisen Invest Euro

Newsletter May 2021 – Raiffeisen Miks

Newsletter May 2021– Raiffeisen Voluntary Pension Fund