Funds Performance

The performance of the Funds and consequently the value of the investment can fluctuate depending on market conditions. Past performance is for informational purposes only, does not represent a promise or guarantee for future performance and should not be the only consideration when selecting a fund.
All financial investments involve an element of risk, so the value of your investment and the return on your investment will vary. The synthetic risk and benefit indicator is intended to inform you about the volatility of the fund’s quota price based on its past performance.

Fund Performance Table

Name of the Fund Type of Fund Evaluation Date Publication Date Daily Price per Unit Net Asset Value Risk Indicator
Raiffeisen Prestigj Investment Fund 24.09.2023 25.09.2023 1,614.7801 ALL 29,699,797,460.86 ALL 2
Raiffeisen Vizion Investment Fund 24.09.2023 25.09.2023 1,153.6709 ALL 9,209,646,750.89 ALL 3
Raiffeisen Invest Euro Investment Fund 24.09.2023 25.09.2023 108.4158 EUR 31,423,053.87 EUR 3
Raiffeisen Miks Investment Fund 24.09.2023 25.09.2023 95.4725 EUR 2,418,624.60 EUR 4
Raiffeisen Pension Pension Fund 24.09.2023 25.09.2023 2,120.1191 ALL 1,333,991,602.52 ALL 1